Co-Founders + Idea = Venture Creations

100 Co-founders Lab a mobile tech accelerator(Startup Studio) creates the process which could help in origin of ideas on the one side, put all the ideas one by one in queue and build an Idea Bank. On the other side, goes for talent hunting of the co-founders, who are willing to become an entrepreneur. After, mapping Ideas with the right co-founders, we make them partner into the massive and meaningful tryst with successful journey.

Co-founder Hunting

Creating Start Up around the selected idea. 100 Co-founders lab follow structured 10 point frame work process while they identify CEO Co-founders. Ideal CEO Co-founder is one who-

Believes that he can raise his aspiration level to become tech giants like yahoo, facebook and google of the world from India and he is not afraid of failure.
Think there is a solution to every problem, no matter how long it takes.
Think he has a will and persistence, no matter he lacks resources.
Can think ultra big as thinking big is out of fashion, no matter people think about him as a fool and impractical
Think massive scale idea and businesses could be achieved; no matter they begin with small step or start in the garage
Is full of energy and passion, no matter he has to slog out in the wee hours so that your every customer remains satisfied.
Think mega solutions on mobile internet could be created, marketed and sold, no matter how qualified he is.
Is ready to take sweat equity and just pocket money, no matter he has lucrative corporate jobs at your disposal and no matter that he has to employ manpower who draws more salary than him.
Think his team is first than him, no matter he has to make sacrifices on an individual level.
And because taking risk gives him kick ….he is an ideal CEO co-founder.

If You are the right cofounder then apply here.

Our 5 Point philosophy for every Venture Creation.

India is witnessing startup tech revolution. The beauty of these tech revolutionary ideas is that they could be started in a garage and same time may have the potential of becoming massively scalable. 100 Co-founders generate ideas through brainstorming among diversified tech enabled the talented young breed. One idea, out of hundreds of Ideas debated, is able to pass through the following 5 Point framework.

1 Every Person should be a customer for the Business Idea.
2 He is a repetitive customer for the said Business Idea.
3 The Idea could be started in a garage.
4 Need near zero – employee organization to execute the idea.
5 Idea should be heavy on Mobile Internet.

Venture Creation Studio

India is witnessing start up tech revolution.It is formed with an extraordinary and unique concept for India. It aims to encourage the innovative ideas for starting up which have the potential to expand in future. The ideas so generated are implemented through the dedicated and determined entrepreneurs appointed through 10 points frame work of 100 CF Lab. 100 Co-founders Lab aspires to strengthen the India’s startup ecosystem with a pool of excellent ideas and co-founders capable to bring impact change in the economy.

Co-founder Venture Creation:

100 Co-founders Lab originates ingenious mobile Internet and IOT based ideas through in house processes. 100CF lab looks for individuals who are ready to sacrifice their job for startup of the idea originated from 100 CF Lab. Under the notion of Co-founder Venture Creation, ideal CEO Co-founder will be searched and appointed to launch the potential idea. Sufficient potion of equity is shared with the individual who takes the challenging task to execute the business idea and willing to work in a very competitive salary cum pocket money. The equity ranges from 5% to 15% for CEO Cofounder subject to pre decided investment cap by 100 CF lab.

Idea Venture Creation

of 100 Co-founders Lab are the start ups in which outside individuals impart their Ideas to 100 CF Lab provided the idea passes through 5 point idea frame work of 100 CF lab. These individuals are the ones who can not afford to invest and can not leave job because of various reasons. 100 CF not only invest but also build team to execute the idea. 100 CF Lab awards equity of 15 % to such individuals subject to pre decided investment cap by 100 CF Lab.

Re-start Venture Creation

are the start ups failed to execute a great idea in past. These are the start ups at the verge of shutting down and 100 CF lab comes to rescue and rejuvenate the same. 100 Co-founders Lab teams up again to turn around the business idea. The equity to original founder is negotiated and 10O CF Lab re starts the start up again putting its own resources going forward.

Companion Venture Creation

are the ones who partners with100 Co-founders Lab. 100 CF Lab seeks to provide a helping hand to those who have the sufficient monetary resources and willing to invest in the start up of an idea and thus takes a little portion of equity. Required monitoring or guidance help, sufficient technical resources, marketing resources and needed support is provided to the Companion Venture Creation from 100 CF Lab. 100 Co-founders Lab help connect Companion Venture Creation to appropriate persons, associates, consultants etc. 100 CF Lab framework of best practices for start ups, help Companion Venture Creation to quickly take off the business idea.

100 Co-founders Lab which is a mobile tech accelerator(Startup Studio) aims to establish one-of-its own kind ideas to bring a revolutionary change in the Indian start up ecosystem. 100 CF Lab renders a pool of creative and impressive talent to those individuals who are willing to implement the ideas. The vision of 100 Co-founders Lab is to raise the aspirations of those common individuals who have innovative ideas and creative skills by providing them a big platform.



CEO & CoFounder Mhooter

Akshat Tiwari

CEO & CoFounder Callthedoc

Hemant Soni

CEO & CoFounder mPass

Manmohan Yadav

CEO & CoFounder mBroadcast

Frequently Asked Questions


While the real world has a certain population of start-ups due to an absence of risk capital. Many great ideas die before they could take birth. 100 CF Lab helps those massive untapped talents, who feel attracted towards start-up culture but because of, one and another reason, they could not take the plunge. 100CF Lab optimizes and moderates the risk profiling for the untapped talent and transform them into world class entrepreneurs.

100 CF Lab wants to pick and choose leaders of future and orient them into start-up culture. These leaders could come from any walks of life. Not necessarily, they understand fully, what is start up? This opens the "New Dimension" of the target audience for entrepreneurship.


Creation - Create it first and many firsts. All those firsts should be massive innovations fitting 5 point idea framework.


100 CF Lab is primarily about Execution, Execution, and Execution. 100 CF Lab selects massive vision from diversified Mobile Internet and IOT sector. 100 CF Lab follows curated startups model and is a Venture Builder cum Tech mobile Accelerator.


100 Co-founders Lab will build leaders of future, who in turn will create companies that will add to the India GDP in meaningful proportions. These leaders will create the culture of creativity and massive innovations with a precise goal to serve every common man to impact their daily lives. The massive thinking will be the core DNA of every person at 100 CF Lab. There is no dearth of ideas in today's era when tech revolution is taking place.

100 Co-founders Lab wants to be known as a place where execution of great ideas is made possible on a routine basis. The leaders coming out of 100 Co-founders will be remembered as executors of bold and ingenious ideas and innovations. At 100 Co-founders lab, the execution is credited more than the ideas. The emphasis is never about who originated the idea but who is executing the idea. All employees are expected to live culture of thinking big and achieving Big. The culture of experimentations and fail fast is encouraged to ultimately reach to the bigger and massive milestones.


100 CF Lab is all about vision and execution. To achieve that, one needs a leader. A leader is one who builds a team to achieve the mission. At 100 CF Lab, the leaders are the CEOs. They are the most important assets of 100 CF Lab.


Higher aspiration and ultimate vision are found to be lacking in a majority of start-ups. Most of them are replicate me to scenarios of success elsewhere. The size of the opportunity is found missing in them.

While at the same time there is enough young talent ready to take the plunge but do not know how to get into the start-up tech revolution. Their risk-taking profile has also limitations.

For the young talent, the failure is secondary, what is most important is to have massive vision. Failure matters nothing. What matters is following a massive and meaningful goal. The journey of such ideas is always challenging and gives the highest form of satisfaction. Achieving goal is a bonus in such case


Unlike typical 1 in 100 business ideas, there is a fit case found in typical VC funding scenario...while at100 CF lab, one out of 1000 ideation, 100 CF lab arrives on the selection of the right DNA of massive innovation. The typical 5 point idea framework is applied in the filtering process.


Unlimited freedom and empowerment are given to CEOs .They are given complete freedom to act , experiment, fail and innovate and have the ownership of the company over a period of time. They are made to carve out their own journey by generating and pulling up resources exactly in the same way as it happens in typical start-up culture.


There is a five-point framework for idea selection which is available on our Web site. The chances of one idea getting selected are 1 out of 1000.


It is not necessary that ideas are home bound. We look at many ways to populate the idea bank.

1 High-level Brainstorming among advisors and experts of special cell created for the purpose.

2 Buying an idea from anyone.

3 Any private and govt. the employee could extend us the idea. We will give the idea equity matching with the best in the world.

4 Idea challenges competitions across geographies.

5 Shut down start-ups

6 Ideas could come from all walks of life.


We have nothing at 100 CF lab for start-ups who comes to us with ideas. But yes we can help refer to other angels and incubation centers Like RAIN, StartupOasis, Phi space etc.


Yes,we find some instances when 18 years guys are having 2 to 3-years’ experience of creating new businesses already and some achievements to demonstrate the capabilities.


You could be of any age. You could be from any walks of life. You will be eligible for C-Level provided you fit 10 Points framework given on our Web Site.


In past, we curated startups that became viable or got funded before 24 months and hence entitled.


C-level co-founders are CEO, COO and CTO etc.


The big challenge is that 100 CF lab should be convinced that the idea fulfills the framework requirement of Idea banking.

We have a program as companion cofounders where we extend 100 CF model of execution to Corporates and help them achieve their vision. In these cases, 100 CF Lab holds minority equity.


CEO co-founders are given a good amount of equity entitlement after a gestation period of 24 months. This equity is subject to dilution if it crosses budgeted limit given for the same. If startups succeed in hiving off the business, the stage by stage milestones is given to CEOs for ascending equity structure entitlement.


Startups are hived off when they become operationally viable and sustainable. The maximum period of hive off is 24 months. The start-ups have no option other than to become viable within this period. In very rare case we allow business not to hive off within 24 months. If businesses do not become viable, they are shut down.


This is different from business plan competition. We do not need to fulfill a huge list of to-dos. All that needed is a half-page summary or few bullet points that what kind of solutions you have in mind for the problem faced by common man on a repeat basis. And how you plan to solve the same.


100 CF Lab have multiple channels to seek and create massive ideas. It gives open offers of equity to any individual who provides an ingenious idea. 100 CF Lab does not sign any confidentiality with individuals who are willing to present the ideas. However, 100 CF lab has a value system of highest order. 100 CF deals on multiple fronts and finds many overlapping of ideas and hardly finds them rare. If it is so, we have moral commitments to take care of proprietary ideas of individuals.


The typical Venture Builders push ideas and hire best CEO's and pay hem good salaries along with minority equity. In addition to mentoring. They provide a complete backup of in-house resources of management, technical, marketing,HR, legal etc.

The typical Accelerators provide a platform for startups to implement their ideas. They support to start up in terms of mentoring and handholding. They take minority equity in start-ups.

100 CF Lab tries to bring best of both worlds of venture-builders and accelerators. 100 CF Lab does not provide resources but help creates vision. It does the role of coach and helps produce a culture where great leaders realize their potential. Ideas are sourced from Idea Banking of 100 CF lab and mapped with the right CEO co-founder. After a window of a maximum period of 24 months, CEOs become entitled to equity structure. They have given ascending equity structure Vis a Vis how far they are able to take the start-up to implement the mega-vision of the company. Venture Builder Concept lacks start-up ethos which is plugged by 100 CF.

100 CF Lab wants to pick and choose leaders of future and orient them into start-up culture. These leaders could come from any walks of life. Not necessarily, they understand fully, what is start up? This opens the dimension of a target audience for entrepreneurship.


100 CF lab is defined better in terms of its unique organization culture and value system to help produce leaders.

Every 100 CFite lives on a daily basis with following commandments.

For great leaders character is more important than strategy. Leader builds great teams on the foundation of character. Character is build upon core human values such Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Sincerity, and Trust (FIRST). Every CFite would come forward and lead by example to achieve integrity level of 101 percent. We will never speak lies among ourselves and to all our stake holders whether they are our investors, our customers or our vendors. Telling lies is a showcase of one's own short comings instead of focusing on one’s strengths gifted by god to an individual. There is a saying that Leaders are born. 100 CF will create enough exceptions that the leaders could be made. Leadership is about taking responsibility irrespective any level in organizational hierarchy. Every CFite is expected to behave like leaders.

Those who take the responsibility of mistakes will be called leaders. Leader is one who passes the credits of achievements to his team mates and shares the burden of mistakes in crisis situations. There is no place for the word 'i' in this organization. Every CFite will play of role of whistle blower if any one uses the words like I, me and mine. We, Us and ours should be used often at 100 CF. Commonly avoided phrases are

1. This is my idea.

2. I have done this.

3 This is what I think.

4 If I were in his place, I would have done it differently.

5. That was not my decision.

6. That was my idea.

Following phrases will be commonplace

1. This is our idea.

2. We have done this.

3. This is how we think.

4. If we were in their place, we would have done it differently.

5. That was not ours decision.

The biggest challenge will come from external world and the ones who are sometimes our own friends and family. They will always point out that you have done this. It is generally because of their love with you. We have to make them understand that bigger goals achievements are result of combined energy and hard work of a group of persons and Team. We as an individual owes credit to Team work all the time. We are 100 CFite.

We would be the creator of Innovative ideas and its execution, being an Innovative Company; we look to work on Ingenious ideas & focus on massive Innovations which brings productive changes in a massive number of people. We will not be me too company and neither would restrict our self with one or two Innovation, in fact, we will go for “N” number of Innovations one after the another and all Innovations would be unique in nature by new ways of doing product innovations, businesses, processes, deliveries, services, strategy etc which were never done in past by any entity or Individual. Innovative Ideas would be contributed by every individual of the organization though it may get failed or contains mistakes but here we celebrate failures as an in-depth experience & learning. In our organization if people don’t commit mistakes they will be left behind. We would continue to innovate many massive scalable ideas for the first time.

We see it as a key performance indicator within a business. In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy. We believe Customer Satisfaction as a forever success with no chance of any sort of compromise in that and we keep our qualitative services on top to give them customer delight. Creation of new customer is always been expensive than retention of a customer which should be 80% as per our standard targets and Customer satisfaction is based on the criteria that success means when the customer refers another 5 customers at the time of start & after delivering of services. If it doesn’t happen means something went wrong & we are not up to the mark which we strictly need to look after. Operation Manager and project manager servicing to clients help build repo with existing clients and he/she helps refer bring another customer. Out Operation manager becomes Business development manager for existing client as soon as work is started with new clients.

Execution is about making things happen. Timely completion of tasks one after another leads to successful completion. It is about bias for actions. It is about decision making and moving ahead to next steps after finishing. One needs to develop nerves of reaching to conclusions and then moving to the next steps. Sometimes we more focus on completing a task in time whereas it is more about making start ahead of time. One should be focusing to starting next activity, then next activity and then next. A timely delivery to our customers is something of paramount importance. Hard work has no substitute. One always makes in time when he catches train. We always reach before the train departures. . Same analogy is to be followed for milestones we plan. We need to plan finish much before the milestones arrives. It is more a matter of habit. One who overcomes the habit becomes achiever in his life.


Core Values - honesty,integrity, trust, faith, and respect remains at the top of mind of 100 CFite. We are there to aspire to bring revolution. Our soul is our CEOs, the leaders. They have to lead by example. We believe combined energies unleash their potential on the foundation of core values.


Every CEO will without fail does or will possess the following single most powerful human trait of all times - The Courage.

Courage is about risk taking. Many of you already demonstrated this by being a part of 100 CF and following the usual goal of creating and massive vision. But the journey has just begun and the real tests one after another will pose challenges when you sail through forward. Some might feel the heat and others may enjoy the same heat.

Courage is about standing tall when everyone is gripping with the fear and uncertainty. Courage is about passion, persistence, and patience. Courage is about standing unshattered when the tide is down and when the crisis arises. We have yet not tested those waters ...we are sailing well ...there will become situations when one starts having doubt on oneself and others, whether the path one chosen is correct.... the courage in such case is about belief in oneself. The courage is about undeterred and rock solid belief in vision. Courage is about simple karma one does every day to move one step in the direction. Move from one simple step to another simple step without fearing result is courage. Taking decisions and moving ahead is courage. Sometimes wrong decisions are made but courageous people do not afraid to make the same mistakes again. Courage is about experimentations one after another. Courage is about loneliness sometimes. Courage many times misinterpreted with being aggressive. Courage, on the other hand, is about being cool and patient. Accepting own mistakes is one of the cool traits of this hidden commandment. How many time we said sorry to others is about courage.

Courage is about smiling when in sorrow. Courage is about being focused when things are not working in one's favor... Courage is not about physical appearance but mental toughness. Courageous people also fears uncertainty but know how to fight with fear. They struggle and overcome those fears.

Courage is about relentless trying ... Courage is about Success. Success is about not giving up irrespective what. Success is a state of mind and a relative phenomenon. As long as one is mean... he is already a successful person. At the end of the day what you feel about you is more important than what others feel about you.

100 CF Lab wants to pick and choose leaders of future and orient them into start-up culture. These leaders could come from any walks of life. Not necessarily, they understand fully, what is start up? This opens the dimension of a target audience for entrepreneurship.

About Us

Formed in the month of May, at the helm of 100 Co-founders Lab, is a team of wide variety of technology individuals and Start up Entrepreneurs, Co-founders and CEOs lead by Mr. Sanjay Yadav. Sanjay Yadav in past was instrumental in establishing multiple businesses from ground zero. He has been pioneer Angel Investor in Rajasthan and brought first time in Rajasthan the Angel Group as Co-founder of RAIN (Rajasthan Angel Investor Network).

The organization believes in building never-ending relationships with customers by sharing professional and ethical values. We always try and strive for creating it first, and many firsts in our products. Our constant endeavor is to focus on innovations and creativity.

People and Partnership philosophy has been our DNA. We believe in making each and every stakeholder- employees, investors, associates, consultants, and vendors - feel partner in our process of creation.

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